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Wheels Galore! Adaptive Cars, Wheelchairs, and a Vibrant Daily Life with Cerebral Palsy, is a memoir of my life as a wheelchair user and my sheer determination to overcome all obstacles. From early childhood into my teen years and adulthood, I was not going to let my disability get in the way of my ambitions or goals. Usually that was in the form of going as fast as I could on anything with wheels — my various wheelchairs, my tricycle, my battery car, and several wheelchair-adapted cars ever since! In this book I describe all the amusing situations I’ve found myself in along the way, and how I’ve educated myself up to PhD standard. I to inspire children and adults of any age to rise above the perceived limitations of disability and live life their way with grace, guts, and gusto!

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Audiobook sample is

taken from chapter 11

from the book

'Wheels Galore' and

narrated by

Tony McGeever.

I tell am amusing story of me thinking I was a computer Wizz kid. 

12 Chapter 11Audiobook sample
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