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10 Seconds That Changed My Life, describes how I became severely disabled. I will never forget that day. Thursday, June 15, 2017, will be embedded in my memory forever. I greeted the summer day eager to face the world with my usual free-spirited independence, and ended the day lying in the Intensive Care unit of a hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland, with a ventilating tube down my throat. Billions of people get out of bed every day without any problem, and that had been true my entire life despite being a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy since the age of three. But when I got out of bed that fateful morning, everything went horribly wrong. Through realistic, heartfelt writing and original poems of my beloved Scotland, I describe the various stages of my thirteen-month hospital experience and my personal journey through joy and sorrow, frustration and elation, and the reality of coming home to a new normal.

AudioBook + ebook: 10 Seconds That Changed My Life

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