10 Seconds That Changed My Life

Iain M. MacLeod


     My first book (10 Seconds That Changed My Life), describes how I became severely disabled.  The various stages of my thirty months in hospital experience and the enormous reality of going home to a new normal.  

     I suffer from Cerebral Palsy and was very independent and extremely determined to live life to the full. 

     Following my accident, I am unable to look after myself, but am just as determined as I've always been to achieve things which I want to accomplish.


Amazon book link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1946824399?pf_rd_p=2d1ab404-3b11-4c97-b3db-48081e145e35&pf_rd_r=7Q47R1WWTKDTBPCRKQ3Q

Available as an eBook, Paperback, Hardcover and Audiobook from Amazon and other book retailers.  Copies of my book (hardback and paperback) can be purchased at a 50% wholesale discount through Ingram’s iPage ordering system. 


     My second book (Wheels Galore! Adaptive cars, Wheelchairs, and a vibrant Daily Life with Cerebral Palsy) will be published soon. It is a memoir of my life with Cerebral Palsy and my sheer determination to achieve what I wanted to achieve.  

     From early childhood up to adulthood, I was not going to let my disability get in the way of my ambitions or goals.  I was going to live life to the full.  All the amusing situations which I found myself in along the way.  How I re-educated myself up to PhD standard.

                You will be able to download the eBook for free (Normally $3.99) for a limited time after publication.  Email me and I will make sure I’ll email you when the eBook is published so you can download it for free.

    Email: wheelsgalore100@gmail.com



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