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Jim (USA)  'Hopefully Iain can return one day to Fochabers'

What a touching and very moving story about Iain’s ordeal and how it changed his life. He bet he could take back those ten seconds of his life and go back to how his life used to be. How he could do normal things like the rest of us. 10 Seconds changed my life was a page turner. It was very descriptive. The book was written well and I would recommend to anyone. Even though sad at times. Still, it is a must-read story that will make you cry and inspire you at the same time. Iain suffered enough pain. My favorite part of the book was when he met Nathan.


Graham (Scotland) '10 Seconds'

Having known Iain for many years I had lost touch and didn't even know he was in hospital let alone writing a book I take my hat off to you sir and lost a few tears as well hopefully I will get in touch again great book!!

Debbie (USA)  'Life changes in An Instant!'

Oh, my goodness.... I love the first book. But this one is a page-turner. One accident can change your life in an instant. The in spite on what he went thru for 18 months just to get close to his normal life is amazing.

Mark (Scotland)   'An inspiring read in a book read in the  book and complimented by the audiobook'

A truly inspiring story that takes you with Iain on his journey from a near death incident through a long, difficult and challenging recovery. A beautifully written work that also injects humour into a serious situation.

Betty (UK)    'A story of perseverance and positivity'

Working in care this book has been really great in supporting me to understand the challenges faced from the perspective of a client. Beautiful poems throughout the book.

Shelby (USA)   'Must read'

Well, it was an interesting read. To be in someone’s mind like this is amazing. It gives you a different prospective of your world and the things we take for granted. This is definitely a must a read.

Mayostic (USA)   'Another Side of Life'

Awesomely Inspiring. I like the Writer’s vivid expressions of his coping mechanism. His, is a life of hope worth holding on to, even in captivity.

10 second that changed my life

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Wheels Galore_Sub Logo Black.png

Chris (USA)   'Stunning, Unimaginable, & truly Inspirational Story'

This book was a stunning, unimaginable, and truly inspirational story of a man who conquers obstacles that he only allows standing in his way temporarily.

This book had an emotional impact on me and has been a true inspiration for not only myself but thousands of other readers who read the book. Also, it was a helpful book with immense and useful writing. From the outset, I was not too sure I wanted to burn through cash on another book this week. However, I did not need to think too long and hard about purchasing this one. Notwithstanding, once more, the story was a staggeringly stunning book.

This book has gigantic data and records of reported author accounts for moving ahead when life tries to impede your forward motion. He not only knows how to enjoy life but can show all of us the value of conquering life as well. Truly remarkable. These sorts of stories are keeping me involved through unfortunate self-disengagement. In all honesty, the book made me passionate again about life, which is a first for me in a long time.

Nevertheless, I cherished picking up motivation from this and will indeed purchase more from this writer. Thank you very much.


Brianpals (Scotland)  'This book is so inspirational'

This is a wonderful insight into the trials and tribulations of a disabled person.
Iain’s life has been full of ‘firsts’ as he’s overcome so many obstacles. From whizzing around his village on his tricycle as a child to achieving educational excellence as an adult, this journey teaches not only the disabled that so much can be gained from a never-say-die attitude.
Rather than bemoaning the fact of his disabilities Iain has created a really positive target for anyone who has become lost, with no ambition or with the inability to see their future and plan for the life they want.
Written in a very matter of fact way, Iain shows his appreciation of so many good people who helped to make his life so much better.

Janice (Scotland)   'Read and be inspired'

The best book I have read in a long time.
Written with humour and honesty it gives a true insight to the authors life from childhood to adulthood with Cerebral Palsy.

With real determination and encouragement from his family and friends almost anything can be overcome by finding a solution, something his father was constantly having to do with “wheels” as he grew.

To read Wheels Galore parents and children will certainly learn that having a disability does not mean Life stops.
Just read what can be achieved !!

Cathy (USA)   'Amazing story!'

This book is such an inspiration! The author, who has had Cerebral Palsy from childhood, tells the story of how different types of wheels changed his life and gave him indolence. Letting nothing stop him, Iain lives his life, not letting his disability discourage him from being adventurous. His positive attitude gets him through a lot of tough situations.

Helen (Scotland)  'An incredible human being'

I would encourage everyone to read this extremely emotive book. The Author has an incredible story to tell and relates it with a hint of humour. A very well written book and a powerful lesson in humility.

Dr Kay (UK)  'Simply beautiful'

A very thoughtful and humbling account of what it is like to live with Cerebral Palsy. Having read the previous book from the same author (Ten Seconds that Changed my Life) it was really good to hear about the good times that preceded the incident and I recommend to read both books. Wheels galore opened my mind to so many details we do not think about when we interact with people with CP (or indeed people who have to use a wheelchair) and taught me such a lot. However, what impressed me the most about the book was the author's courage and determination to achieve the highest academic standard. The determination for learning described in the book is inspiring and his academic achievements in spite of not having had the best start in the schooling system is awesome. To have reached Doctorate level having missed out on so much earlier schooling makes him an even greater success story. A real 'must read'.

North Atlantic (Scotland)  'A Determined Passion for Life'

An extremely powerful story of a young man growing up through to his adult life who just happens to have Cerebral Palsy - but Iain is just Iain and this book captures his individuality and his love for life, family and friends.

A book written from the heart, it captures everything. Iain’s journey, through thick and thin is a compelling read, and all with great humour. It certainly brought back many shared memories of the escapades of Mr McLeod and his various wheels!- some he has shared in this book - others he hasn’t ! - but I’m sure the next book will bring more ! Wheels, and a vibrant love of education and fun, bring such determination. I did have a few chortles reading this - his many stories, adventures, trusty vehicles, his work with PHAB and of course the OU.

‘Wheels Galore’ is a brilliant companion to his excellent first novel ...... ‘10 Seconds That Changed My Life’

Cynthia (USA  He does love his wheels

The writer tells us his story growing up in Scotland after contracting the Asian Flu as a child. He is very descriptive about the beauty he grew up around and his goal to not let us disability keep him from enjoying life. His different 'wheels' through his life allow him to be independent and fearless. A must read for everyone even it's a reminder to never quit. To live life now, not wait for tomorrow.


Graham (Scotland)    'Wheels Galore to make you think!!'

This is a brilliant book and brought on tears of joy and sadness a definite read it certainly makes you think of your own world, and how lucky, unlucky, some of us can be, thanks be for good health and our wonderful NHS

Wheels Galore!

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